friday faves: super bowl edition

Happy Friday!!  Are you ready for some football??  More importantly, are you ready for some football FOOD?!  I don’t know about you but I could really care less about the Super Bowl.  However I am stoked for the commercials and the football party food.  In case you haven’t decided what you’re making for the big game on Sunday, here are some great ideas from around the web.  Have a great weekend!

Favorite Nachos: Buffalo Chicken Nachos.  I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to have a Super Bowl party without something that is buffalo flavored.  Switch it up this year with these super cheesy and spicy buffalo chicken nachos!


Favorite Dip:  Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Dip from The Comfort of Cooking.  Because a Superbowl party with two buffalo chicken appetizers is better than a Superbowl party with one buffalo chicken appetizer.


Favorite Cookies:  How cute are these Oreo Football Cookies?  Pretty dang cute, that’s how cute they are.


Favorite Cupcakes:  Nutella Swirl Football Cupcakes.  Another point for cute dessert overload.


Favorite Healthy Snack – Super Food Guacamole.  With all of the protein and healthy fats from the edamame and avocado packed in this guac, you can feel good about the second helping buffalo chicken dip.


Favorite Munch: Peanut Butter Popcorn Munch.  Peanut butter.  Chocolate.  And popcorn.  I’m in.


Favorite Pizza:  Jalapeno Popper Pizza.  That’s some spicy pizza goodness right there.


Favorite Meatballs:  Mom’s Famous Grape Jelly Meatballs.  These sound intriguing yet insanely delicious.


Favorite Two-Biters: Sriracha Chicken Phyllo Cups.  Where my love for Sriracha meets my love for finger food.

sriracha chicken phyllo cups 2


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