greens & chocolate’s 2nd birthday

Last month greens & chocolate’s 2 year birthday came and went without the slightest recognition.  I completely forgot about it.  I blew it.  Spaced it.  Sorry greens & chocolate – I’ll make it up to you next year, I promise!  Better late than never though, so here is a round up of my absolute favorite recipes from the past two wonderful years.  Enjoy!  

favorite brownie: mississippi mud brownies

favorite blondie: peanut butter m&m blondies

favorite oatmeal cookie: white chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookie
favorite chocolate dessert: brownie bottomed nutella cheesecake bars
favorite pumpkin dessert: turtle pumpkin cheesecake
favorite fruit dessert: apple crisp
favorite quick bread: blueberry zucchini bread
favorite healthy snack: granola nut bars
favorite savory breakfast: chorizo breakfast burritos
favorite sweet breakfast: cinnamon roll pancakes
favorite healthy breakfast: strawberry banana spinach smoothie
favorite appetizer dip: yogurt avocado dip 
favorite healthy side dish: mango and black bean quinoa salad
favorite side dish: spring green risotto
favorite lunch salad: moroccan couscous salad
favorite side salad: strawberry poppyseed salad
favorite soup: french onion soup
favorite crock pot meal: crock pot italian beef sandwiches

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