will you be my bridesmaid? cookies

Happy Valentine’s Day!  With love in the air today, I thought I’d share with you how I asked my six bridesmaids to, well, be my bridesmaids!  
Since none of my bridesmaids live near me, I wanted to do something creative to ask them.  I (obviously) first thought of baking and decided on decorated sugar cookies to ‘pop the question’. I used this recipe for the ultimate soft sugar cookie.  They’re so soft that even one bridesmaid who received them a week after I made them said they were still soft.  That’s a soft cookie!  
And I used this recipe for royal icing.  Please excuse my not-so-great piping skills.  
Even though a couple of my bridesmaids dug in before realizing I was seriously asking them a question (you know who you are), they were all surprised and excited to get the package.  

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